Monday, May 18, 2009

Good morning


Now its the morning of Monday. The weather seems to be nice (I cant trust it) and I will start my study very soon.

My study is getting very hard again - a lot of classes, meeting and a paper. But this time I expect myself to write a better paper as I have a clear picture - what to write. Its not very vague like last time. I need to work hard for it anyway.

I also try to meditate everyday. I can almost everyday as I am busy and tired. It is very good for me particularly my mentality as the peace and calmness gained from meditation allow me to see my feeling and thoughts clearly. Then I realize what is the root of my mental problem. We cant solve the problem if we dont know it cause. I really wish that I can deal with things in my liofe better and better.

Yesterday I talked with my Thai friend - Ed. It was nice to talk with him sometime. Now he is in Austria for the traning. I feel funny as when we were in Thailand, we never talk this much. We were too busy esp. him as he is a doctor. I told him about my life here. He said that it seems I have a happy life. I told him that most people said that. We also talked about my boyfriend. He said that he is confident that I can survive this relationship and bring my boyfriend back home. I dont know if he really meant it or he just wanted to say something nice to me. But I am happy to hear that positive words and I will try my best for that.

Hope everyone has a nice week. It just starts.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009



This month (May) there are 4 PhD students who pass to the next step: defend their proposal, do the final seminar and conduct the public defense. The most intresting one is the one who graduates - Lu Caizhen. Her thesis (Title: Who Is Poor In China? Comparison of Alternative Approaches to Poverty Assessment in Rural Yunnan) receives distinction. This is very rare at ISS. Only 1 out of 10 got it (there are less than 10 distinction graduates from overall 80 graduates). I really feel congratulated for her and she is one of my in spiration.

Sometime I feel like life is not easy at all, no matter where I am. There is always something that challenges you to deal with it and to pass through it. Challenge comes in many forms. For me, the mentality is the biggest challenge I need to deal with. There are so many unnecessary things that I always take into my mind (as the mind gets used to do it) and let them disturb me. I will have to try to deal with it. I tell myself that I cant change the world or anyone in the world. I just accept it as the way it is and see what happen.

Hope I can survive this hard time.
Good luck for everyone