Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My life in the Hague.....the beginning of the journey


Today is the 12th day I have been in the Hague, the Netherlands. Everything has been settling down - the accomodation, money and bank account (almost done), long stay visa (almost done), transportation (still need to learn a lot), food (still got some problems esp where to buy cheap food and how to get there) and the most important one - study.

My university (Institute of Social Studies - is located near the town center. So it is easy to walk to some places like the palace (WOW!), the government house (which is not yet occupied by any protestor...hahaha), the train station, the China town (for food) and some shopping centers (for the window shopping). I am happy with this, though it tires me from walking around with a strong desire not to pay for the bus or tram.

The weather here is not very good for a girl from a humid zone like me. The temperature now is around 0-9 degree with some snow, wind and rain. I need to wear at least 3 layers with hand gloves and fur hat (if I wanna go out at the night time). I saw some snow in China in 2004. This is the second time. I think its more beautiful here as the buildings are nicer (I am sorry for the Chinese - but it's true!).

My study is now starting. I has been assigned to write the direction about my paper. At first I am a bit worried. But I feel better now as I got a lot of useful information in my hand. I just hope I will have time to read all of them. I have found that my concentration is less than before as I havent done a lot of readings like this for a long time (since 2005 I think). I hope I will gain all my study skills very soon.

I also start meditating and chanting again. It's getting better after doing it more often. It helps me a lot esp. for the study and for dealing with some mental diffilculties. It offers me a chance to see what is happening in my mind - feelings and emotions which are very impermanent and non-self. They come and go all the time. The more I see them, the less serious I am with them and the happier I am.

This is the brief detail of my life in the new place. Thanks a lot for all the carings and concerns of everyone around me (I dont think most of them will read this!). I will never forget the purpose of coming here - to study and go back home to do stg for my poor country.

May peace be with you

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My news

Tomorrow night I will leave Bangkok and fly to study at the Hague, the Netherlands.
I will arrive Amsterdams at 10 am (local time) and Robert will come to see me at the airport.

During these time, there are a lot of problems I have to deal with and there is also a big change - I just resign from my work and I will fly to study. I always regard all those things as a lesson I have to learn.

Since now my life will change a lot. There will be a lot of new things coming into my life and it would be a big challenge for my mindfulness practice and my other skills as well.

I also want to say 'thank you' to Dr.Craig Matheson (or Craigie), the person who have been around me during these four years since I came back from Australia. We have talked a lot and shared a lot of ideas. And that mentally helps me as I like to have someone around. I can work harder because of him. My speaking skill has been improved due to our conversation. There are a lot that I will always appreciate. My success is partly because of him.

Life must go on esp if we already got the destination.....this is what I always think. The change might bring something better or worse...we never know. We just accept what happens with mindfulness and see what to do next.

I will try to update my blog as often as possible esp life in the Hague.