Sunday, June 13, 2010

One and half month in Thailand


Until now, I have been in Thailand for one and half month for the field work. Everything goes well with my study as I have gradually collected information of each case. I have learned quite a lot from this study especially how to deal with different kind of people. Actually I always think that I am able to manage people quite well, but there is, of course, some difficulty that needs to be passed through.

For the fieldwork, I think I am quite lucky that I have met some good and kind people who are willing to help me and have helped me a lot....I still don't know why they did that, but it just happened like that. I try not to think about it in the Karma perspective because I cannot prove it. More practically, I will try to be good like them as it is important to always be a helpful person. It can benefit a lot to other people.

I will start my big trip to the south very soon (in this week). i am a bit scared to travel in that area because I have heard that people there are different. But I just hope that everything will go smoothly with my trip. I hope that I will have a chance to collect all the useful information which will benefit my study and hopefully environmental situation of Thailand in the future. Its quite a big hope, but I will try my best for it.

Best wishes for everyone