Sunday, December 30, 2007

Old year-New year

The new year is coming now. At the end of every year, I like to review - what I have done in the passing year - good or bad, what/how should I improve and what I like to do in the coming year.

After thinking for a while, it seems that this year (2007) is quite a good year for me. Most things happening are good especially I have done a lot of Buddhist activities both worldly and mental works. On the one hand, I helped the uni (MahachulalongkornRajavidyalaya Uni for the Buddhist conference where I met a nice monk who has taught me a lot of lessons. I helped my meditation master to do a powerpoint file for his class. I have helped another master to translate and edit his meditation books. I also donated some stuffs and money to the needed temples. On the other hand, I have been to a lot of retreats at a few places where I have met a lot of great people there. We still contact each other after leaving the temple. In addition, I know more meditation masters whom I have learned a lot from his CDs and his personal teachings (Ven.Jayasaro, Ven.Promote Pamotecho and Ajahn Narongsak Natneam). I am so pround of everything I have done.

The bad thing (that I always feel bad about it) is I disturbed one of my friends too much til he has gone from my life. But it's ok anyway.

What I have found from this incredible year is every present moment of our life can determine/influence the future considerably. Everyone must say 'oh yeah I know that well'. But for me, it shows that nothing happens without a reason. Everything got their own causes- sometime we know, sometime not. The best we can do is do the best for the present time.

For the coming year, i intend to develop my meditation and mindfulness more than this year. I am still restless sometime as I think too much. I also intend to do some more tranlating Buddhist works for foreigners who are interested in Buddhism. I want to see if i can mix two ways of Theravadin practice and Mahayana Bodistava path or not.

Hope that the new year is great for every being. May they(and I) be free from sufferings.

Friday, December 14, 2007


Actually I intend to write about my retreat at Wat Pa Nanachat, but what happened this morning changes my mind.

This morning the traffic was a bit bad and (at that time) I thought that if I am still on the bus, I will get to work late. So I decided to get off a bus and pay for a motorcycle driver to drive me to my office. Before arriving, we needed to stop at the traffic light. At that time, there was a man walking around to sell a garland to drivers at the conjunction. It's so common for me to see a thing like this. But I noticed that this man has only one leg. The other leg is gone and he uses a plastic leg instead. Suddenly I called him and told him that I want to buy his garland, which is not very fresh- which also means he hasnt sold very much.

When I gave money to him, he said 'Thank You'. I then smiled to him as I always smile. But it's a bit wider cos I was happy that I can help him. When he saw my smile, which always has been praised that it's nice :P, he widely smiled back to me too.

Finally I arrived work too late and I was marked as 'late' again. But his smile has brightened my day - it really touched my heart as it shows his appreciation for me. I dont remember his face anymore, but I can remember the happy feeling arising at that time. Though I always remind myself that happy feeling (Sukhavedana) never last forever, but I still (and always) like this kind of feeling - happy to see other's happiness.

When your mind is practiced and cultivated by meditation, Metta (compassion) and Karuna will follow automatically. You dont need to particularly develop only Metta and Karuna as that might lead you to another kind of "Atta" as you will feel and think that you are a compassionate and kind person which might be right or wrong - depending on the situation.

So? Be mindful and be good :) Happiness will always be with you!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My Fourth time retreat at Wat Pa Nanachart

In the evening of this Friday, I will have a retreat at Wat Pananachart ( I intend to stay there for 4-5 days, depending on my work left.
Many people including my mom and my sister asked me that why do I like to go there as it's very far from Bangkok. It also costs me some money and time -it takes 8 hours to stay on the bus with more than 500 Bath for the busfare. I cant really tell them exactly why - I just know that I like the place a lot.
Ven.Promotre Pamotcho ( said that each person has diffedrent personality which is suitable with different ways of meditation and even with different kinds of place. Some like walking meditation, while some prefer sitting. Some likes to contemplate Adubha (the decay of the death), but some loves to consider Vedana (feeling) or the movement of Citta (mind). For the place, some might enjoy meditating in a small stuff place. Some might love to stay in a forest (like me). Therefore, we should observe ourselves which kind of place we like and which meditative method is suitable for us. Then we can progress our meditation practice a lot.
I really wish myself to advance my meditation in this retreat.
I really wish you to get some time for yourself to meditate at least 5-10 minutes a day to calm your mind and wake up from our busy environment.
Best wishes