Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Rainy retreat and eight precepts

I intend to observe the eight precepts during this rainy retreat- like last year. But actually I feel a little bit uncomfortable in this year. I dont know why... Anyway, I will try my best as I realize a lot of benefit I get from it.

One of my masters said that Sila is at mind. What he means is it depends on your thoughts and the quality of your mind - if it is on the right track or not. I agree with him. But in my opinion, a person who still cannot deal with some cravings and defilements, observing 5 or 8 precepts is the great way to practice controlling your sensual desire. We can see how the feeling or desire arise and pass away.

One benefit I have found from observing 8 precepts (2 days a week and last rainy retreat) is it is more easy to sacrifice/give up both physical and mental happiness. At first, i need to deal with the hunger in the evening, the desire to entertain myself by TV and radio and and the want to look good by putting cosmetic on a face. Since I can do that, i am more confident to deal with the physical needs as I know that they come and go. The next step is to sacrifice the mental happiness. These days i am patient enough to face mental unhappiness and sadness arising from the disappointment. I am dare enough to say 'no' to 'short term' nice sensual feelings which seem to hurt me in the long term. I feel pity (and still attach) for that nice feeling and I can feel that I like to have it. But the eight precepts teach me to sacrifice it and be patient for the suffering arising in the short term. It's a great chance to see how 'it' come and go.

Both physical and mental happiness are very impermanent. The less attachment we have for it, the more REAL happiness we can get - just from the peaceful mind that is not struggling to get any happiness anymore.

Bye for now...

Monday, July 21, 2008

Goodbye Good boy-Robert

Tonight my friend, Robert will leave for his country, Holland. After having been practiced and travelled in both Thailand and Laos for several months, it's time for him to go back home (he said like that).

I met Robert at Wat Pa Nanachart on 8th December 2007. We have contacted, talked and shared a lot of ideas especially about meditation, Buddhism and etc. I really admire his effort to practice esp. the hard retreat in Chiangmai. I also have found that he is an interesting person that I can always learn from him. It is nice to have a good friend who always tells me how to improve myself. There are not many people doing like that since I am getting older.
Anyway, I am a bit dissapointed that he doesnt follow his plan - to be a monk. But everyone got their own life and decision. If the way he has chosen is the best way for his life. I just accept that.
I wish him all the best for his future - business, love, friend and family. I really believe that he can do it well in everything if he wants to. I also hope that we will have a chance to contact each other sometime. I think we can be a good friend for our whole lives.
Thanks for the nice time we have been together. I am very glad to meet you.
Good luck....

Kai and a tiger

On Saturday 12th July, I got a chance to go to the Tiger Temple with my friend, Robert. This temple is located at Kanchanaburi. It is interesting that they gave visitors a chance to take a photo with tigers without charging (the entrance fee to the temple is 300 bath anyway). But you have to pay for 1,000 bath if you wanna have a photo that you can put the tiger's head on your lap. I didnt want myself or my friend to pay for this (for me). So I dont have that kind of photo.

For me, a tiger is like other beings - that are still in Samsara. It must do something wrong in the last life so that it has to be in the animal realm. Anyway, being a tiger that always has someone to look after or always has a pretty girl (like me) to take a photo with is better than being a fish in a restaurant.

Hope all of them will get a chance to be reborn as a human. Then they might get a chance to learn Buddhism and get a chance to walk on the noble path.