Monday, January 14, 2008

My hair style

I just have new hair style. It's more curly and colorful. I will show my photo soon.

I feel a bit funny with myself that I have tried to cultivate myself - I should not attach to the body very much as it is subject to chanhe all the time. I realize and understand that quite well as I see more wrinkles on my face. There is more grey hair and I get tired more easily than before.

But defilements is much enough to take me to the hairdress shop to do something with my hair. Even though hair is only one part of a body, but I look worse or better because of it. So it's better to do something with it as long as it is still on my head.

I got stg to talk, but no time. And when there is time, i already forgot what to say. That's why I dont post very much. My brain time and my free time are not very consistent.

Have a peaceful mind

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