Wednesday, November 12, 2008

My news

Tomorrow night I will leave Bangkok and fly to study at the Hague, the Netherlands.
I will arrive Amsterdams at 10 am (local time) and Robert will come to see me at the airport.

During these time, there are a lot of problems I have to deal with and there is also a big change - I just resign from my work and I will fly to study. I always regard all those things as a lesson I have to learn.

Since now my life will change a lot. There will be a lot of new things coming into my life and it would be a big challenge for my mindfulness practice and my other skills as well.

I also want to say 'thank you' to Dr.Craig Matheson (or Craigie), the person who have been around me during these four years since I came back from Australia. We have talked a lot and shared a lot of ideas. And that mentally helps me as I like to have someone around. I can work harder because of him. My speaking skill has been improved due to our conversation. There are a lot that I will always appreciate. My success is partly because of him.

Life must go on esp if we already got the destination.....this is what I always think. The change might bring something better or worse...we never know. We just accept what happens with mindfulness and see what to do next.

I will try to update my blog as often as possible esp life in the Hague.

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