Thursday, April 11, 2013

My fifth year of the PhD journey

Hello Sorry for being away for a long time. I have been quite busy with my heavy study and I am not very disciplined to write a blog all the time. Anyway, I have been back. Now I am still in the Netherlands struggling to finish my study. Life particularly my study is up and down depending on relevant factors such as my concentration, my supervisors, my boyfriend and my family. However, I still practice meditation to practice the mindfulness almost everyday. I have found that meditation is very helpful especially in a difficult time since it could calm me down and wait for a proper time to solve a problem. I could also see that mindfulness allows me to see what happens in the mind more clearly: anger, hatred, happiness, anxiety and see how it goes. It is obvious that these these mental phenomenon more clearly. It is a long journey, but I will keep trying...

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