Monday, June 11, 2007

Study Astrology

After having lost and been lazy for one and half year, i think i have collected more information and experiences especially about meditation and everything about Buddhism to share with friends. Therefore, i come back to write it again.

If you are close enough to me, you would know that i have studied astrology since last year. The course was just three months. But i study more with my master (with a small group of friends). There are a lot of kinds of astrology, but i study the one that is originally from Burma. What I need to know is a birthday - day, month and year and the time you were born.

Some people ask me why do i study this, instead of having a rest at home or saving money. I told them that i like to see the fortune teller and ask about my future. To save money is to learn how to predict it and then i don't need to see any fortune teller anymore. This is only one reason.....The other reason is i always think the reason of something incredible happening in our lives. For example, why two people from far different places have a chance to meet each other. Or why a millionaire becomes the poor within a night. I guess that some of you might have the same question - but I need an answer.

The answer for all above questions is our Kamma (กรรม). It is what we have done in our last last last lives. We can never say exactly what (until you reach Buppenivasanusatiyana - the spiritual power to know the last life). Astrology is like a map of our old Kamma. As your Kamma determines your life, your birthday can roughly tell that what will your childhood like, what happen with your present life and what is the future - which depends on your kamma . It can also tell about your love life, your future children, your work, your illness or even your death. There are always some friends argue that this means people who were born on the same day will have the same life. I told them that...'no' - some part of your life might be similar, but not everything. The reason is your kamma leads you to be born in a different family. Then when you are growing up, it is the duty of your old kamma plus the new kamma. For instance, a twin who were born on the same day but a few different time have different life as they got their own kamma. They might share stg together before, but each of them have their own way.

Some people ask me 'is it believable?' I told then that it is 70-80% or even 100%. But it 's not everyone. My master said that a person who will never follow this rule is a person who meditates and chants a lot because it is a big merit that can reduce the effect of bad kamma, though not all. The Buddha said (somewhere) that if we put some amount of salt in a little bowl of water, water will be very salty. But if it is a container is a tank, water might be a bit salty. And if it is a river, water will never be salty as there is a plenty of water. Salt is our bad Kamma. Water is merit. The more merit we have, the less effect the bad kamma will give. However, we have to receive all consequences of our kamma more or less.

I wanna finish this post by talking about the benefit of studying astrology. It provides me the understanding of suffering, Anijja and the law of Kamma. According to all stars, everyone, no matter who, will have their own weak and good points. These will exist in any part of yourlife such as love, friend, work, yourself, family etc - depending on your kamma. If you have ever noticed, some people are very successful at work, but fail for family. Some have very great friends, but poor parents. Some are very pretty, but have nothing more than that. After i realize this point, I am no longer feel bad about my own disadvantage anymore. Because it's my own kammas that have brought me here. I'd better accept what happen and then do the best at the present. Why anijja? This is because each star has their own time and place. According to astrology, there is always some stars controlling your life. It takes some period and then it will be changed to other star. This can be seen from some people who have a good (or bad) life for a while. Then there is something changes/pushes them to be at the other stage of life. It reflects the influence of the star that controls your life at that time. This means nothing is last forever. When you are successful, it will be for a while, accoring to all factors that support the success. When you fail, it will also be for a while too. That's why we always say something like 'everything will be better one day' when you have a problem ,cos everything is very impermanent. They change all the time. We have to accept and prepare for it.

I hope this post will give you some understanding about me - my idea, astrology and some Buddhist concepts. Hope everyone enjoys reading it.

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