Monday, July 02, 2007

Dhamma talk of V.Jayasaro (1)

Actually I intend to write about meditation first. But what has impressed me is dhamma talk by V.Jayassaro who is the Englisih monk ordaining in Thailand for more than 20 years. I got an MP3 files of his talk since last year, but I have never listened til Jan 2007 when i was on the way to Sukhotai. It was a long trip and i have nothing to do :P. His Dhamma talk is mostly about mindfulness which is my favorite topic.

Around early of June, I have a problem affecting me a lot. At that time, I cried - and then meditated cos i thought it might help. I also listened to the Dhamma talk a lot more (cos i think it might help too). And both of those things really helped as my mindfulness has come back within a month. The Damma by V.Jayasaro that really impressed me at that time is about 'be patient to do the right thing, though it's not what the liked thing' or 'ทำในสิ่งที่ถูกต้อง แม้ว่าจะไม่ถูกใจ'. He said that we have to be patient to do the right thing, though we are not happy to do it and though we have to be suffered from it. We should not attach to (or identify with) the happiness of mind all the time - we also should not try to avoid meeting unhappiness of the mind all the time too. The first reason is we can control ourselves - not to follow our Kilesa and Tanha that will lead us to the wrong/devil action. The other reason is we might lost a chance to see the nature of mind - impermanent cos no suffering will stay in yor mind forever. We can also learn something new from the suffering that - finally we can pass through it. Then we create a new Sanna (memory) that we can, though we never think we can . When a harder problem happens next time, it will be easy for us to control our mind.

After understanding this point, I realize that what happened with me is the very right thing. I have to accept and respect it happily though it caused me suffering for a few weeks. i am now even happy about what has happened cos i can control myself a lot more. If I wanna do stg that seems to be not very good (i.e. calling to talk with a married man) - then I ask myself - are you sure to do it ?- it might make you feel happy for a while but some problems might come after. Then I stop doing it immediately. What helps me to control my mind is my mindfulness that I got from meditation. The more I meditate, the clearer I notice my feeling and the better I control myself.

Thanks for the sufferings that challenge me to be a better person.
Thanks you V.Jayasaro for you clear Dhamma. I will always appreciate you, though I have no chance to meet you.

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