Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Kai in a jungle

This is my photo taken last year in a jungle in Prachinburi. I like this photo a lot as it's quite natural- no cosmetic and no pretending smile. However, I always think that I look too plain.

According to Buddhist teachings, we should not concern very much about our appearance and looking as they are subject to change all the time. It is very impermanent and we cant stop or do anything with it. After having observd eight precepts for three months which means I have never used any cosmetic, facial treatment or lotion, I realize this truth. My face is much drier. There are more wrinkles esp under my eyes. I am also darker as UV protection got no chance to touch my face. There is no doubt that I look worse than before. However, I have found that I am much more calm. The peace has been grown up in my little heart beautifully. I can smile widely with a brither heart to everyone that now I have developed myself on the right track. The journey is still very long, but every step is the means to a peaceful end. There is no uselessness of any little body and mental practice.

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