Sunday, December 30, 2007

Old year-New year

The new year is coming now. At the end of every year, I like to review - what I have done in the passing year - good or bad, what/how should I improve and what I like to do in the coming year.

After thinking for a while, it seems that this year (2007) is quite a good year for me. Most things happening are good especially I have done a lot of Buddhist activities both worldly and mental works. On the one hand, I helped the uni (MahachulalongkornRajavidyalaya Uni for the Buddhist conference where I met a nice monk who has taught me a lot of lessons. I helped my meditation master to do a powerpoint file for his class. I have helped another master to translate and edit his meditation books. I also donated some stuffs and money to the needed temples. On the other hand, I have been to a lot of retreats at a few places where I have met a lot of great people there. We still contact each other after leaving the temple. In addition, I know more meditation masters whom I have learned a lot from his CDs and his personal teachings (Ven.Jayasaro, Ven.Promote Pamotecho and Ajahn Narongsak Natneam). I am so pround of everything I have done.

The bad thing (that I always feel bad about it) is I disturbed one of my friends too much til he has gone from my life. But it's ok anyway.

What I have found from this incredible year is every present moment of our life can determine/influence the future considerably. Everyone must say 'oh yeah I know that well'. But for me, it shows that nothing happens without a reason. Everything got their own causes- sometime we know, sometime not. The best we can do is do the best for the present time.

For the coming year, i intend to develop my meditation and mindfulness more than this year. I am still restless sometime as I think too much. I also intend to do some more tranlating Buddhist works for foreigners who are interested in Buddhism. I want to see if i can mix two ways of Theravadin practice and Mahayana Bodistava path or not.

Hope that the new year is great for every being. May they(and I) be free from sufferings.


patcharin said...

You are great. I appreciate for your mindful blog so much. It's good for me attending to retreat at Wat Pah Nanachat this dec 2010. Thank you for your sharing this.

Kai said...

Dear K.Patcharin

I am happy that my blog is useful for you. Anumodhana as well for the coming retreat.

May mindfulness be with you...