Friday, December 14, 2007


Actually I intend to write about my retreat at Wat Pa Nanachat, but what happened this morning changes my mind.

This morning the traffic was a bit bad and (at that time) I thought that if I am still on the bus, I will get to work late. So I decided to get off a bus and pay for a motorcycle driver to drive me to my office. Before arriving, we needed to stop at the traffic light. At that time, there was a man walking around to sell a garland to drivers at the conjunction. It's so common for me to see a thing like this. But I noticed that this man has only one leg. The other leg is gone and he uses a plastic leg instead. Suddenly I called him and told him that I want to buy his garland, which is not very fresh- which also means he hasnt sold very much.

When I gave money to him, he said 'Thank You'. I then smiled to him as I always smile. But it's a bit wider cos I was happy that I can help him. When he saw my smile, which always has been praised that it's nice :P, he widely smiled back to me too.

Finally I arrived work too late and I was marked as 'late' again. But his smile has brightened my day - it really touched my heart as it shows his appreciation for me. I dont remember his face anymore, but I can remember the happy feeling arising at that time. Though I always remind myself that happy feeling (Sukhavedana) never last forever, but I still (and always) like this kind of feeling - happy to see other's happiness.

When your mind is practiced and cultivated by meditation, Metta (compassion) and Karuna will follow automatically. You dont need to particularly develop only Metta and Karuna as that might lead you to another kind of "Atta" as you will feel and think that you are a compassionate and kind person which might be right or wrong - depending on the situation.

So? Be mindful and be good :) Happiness will always be with you!

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patcharin said...

I love its you said that "but I still (and always)like this kind of feeling-happy to see other 's happiness". You are a smart woman absolutely.