Monday, July 21, 2008

Kai and a tiger

On Saturday 12th July, I got a chance to go to the Tiger Temple with my friend, Robert. This temple is located at Kanchanaburi. It is interesting that they gave visitors a chance to take a photo with tigers without charging (the entrance fee to the temple is 300 bath anyway). But you have to pay for 1,000 bath if you wanna have a photo that you can put the tiger's head on your lap. I didnt want myself or my friend to pay for this (for me). So I dont have that kind of photo.

For me, a tiger is like other beings - that are still in Samsara. It must do something wrong in the last life so that it has to be in the animal realm. Anyway, being a tiger that always has someone to look after or always has a pretty girl (like me) to take a photo with is better than being a fish in a restaurant.

Hope all of them will get a chance to be reborn as a human. Then they might get a chance to learn Buddhism and get a chance to walk on the noble path.

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