Tuesday, August 05, 2008



I dont have much to talk actually - I am too tired to think of anything.
Everything seems to be important and take some time to deal with.
The silly thing is when all the 'important' things come at the same time, you might get crazy.

Venerable Ajahn Cha said that "everything is so important to us. But what is more important is whether we can 'let go' what is regarded as 'importance' or not."

Probably not, I think....hehehe

May peace be with you all (and me too)


N+J=LOVE said...

Hi, I am Nui. I am interested in your blog about Buddhism. Not yet read all of your blog but I want to know you.

Kai said...

Hi Nui
It's nice to know you.
You can send an email to me. We can talk/share some ideas.

Take care

sam4u said...

greetings from USA,

Hi, Kia, my name is Sam;
I like your ideas and thoughts;
I, too, am a buddhist, novice,
but growing; I often look for
words of advice, wisdom,
comfort, etc, to aid me in my
growth....maybe we can share
more......thank you for your
words here.....take care,
peace......sincerely, Sam