Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Happiness and the next retreat

Sorry for being away for a long time. I have been very busy from a lot of things. There is something I can learn from the stressful and busy period, but I really got no time to write.

Actually during these time, I have been very happy due to a very nice relationship. This kind of happiness gives me a lot of energy to work harder. It also makee me calm down and can watch the mind more clearly. The master said that the factor of Samadhi is a happy mind. I think I realize it now.

However, I can also see that mental happiness is still impermanent. It amount changes all the time according to the factors. It comes and goes. I also could notice that it makes the mind heavier than the normal time, though it's not very heavy like in the unhappy time. But there is still something in the mind.

After the crazy 2 months (which might continue), I think it's time to go out again to gain more calmness, which will lead to more minfulness. I dont know how can I live my life without this best friend. Tomorrow evening (Thursday), I will go to Watpananachart and stay there for a few days. i am very happy about this, though I am a bit sick and need a lot of rest. But I dont go, I am not quite sure when I can go there again.

Hope everyone always are always with peace

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