Friday, October 24, 2008


My experience is that any kind of relationship is not so easy since there is more than one person in that. There are a lot of emotions and feelings involved esp. if it's with a closer person.

I always think (again) and hope that I will try my best with any kind of relationship.....friend, family, love, colleagues. I think I love them and wanna be good with them esp my family, my close friend and my love. However, there are some limitations for that esp. my time and my personality.

I have found that the older I am, the more time I need for myself to do what I like such as going to the temple, staying at home and have a rest and talking with the persons I love. When it's like that, time is less for other things esp friends. Now I dont have many friends as before. There are only a few people I have contacted with. And actually I dont contact them very often. I like to meet them sometime....but I still prefer to be with myself, my practice, my love and my family.

I think if it's always like this, I will be a 'nobody' person very soon. I just hope that I can deal with that if it's really happen.

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