Thursday, April 16, 2009

General life


After having been crazy with my paper for a few weeks, I get my life back again. I have submitted my paper to the supervisors in the last 2 weeks and i will meet both of them to discuss about it in the next week. This time i am more relaxed, though still need to think about my paper more and need to read for new classes.

The good thing I did a few days ago is I posted printable CDs and 2 bottles of jam to the Buddhist temple in Italy (Santacittarama Monastery). I am happy to do this as I dont have much chance to do the offering as when I was in Thailand. Robert promises me that he will take me to a Thia temple here, But I still don´t know when as we are busy. Therefore, postal offering is a good option.

I just get a new guitar....again. I bought it on Wednesday. I think I need it as my life has very low level of entertainment which is not good for me in a long term. Thesed days I just want to read some news from the internet which is the only thing I can enjoy myself. I think a guitar might help me to relief some stress from study,

I still need to deal with some emotional stuffs existing from environment sometime. Our mind, feeling, thoughts and emotion work interchangeably all the time. And that affects me. Robert said that try not to be affected by it. I think its impossible as its the nature of the mind. I dont want to control it too much as its not healthy in a long term. Sometime I just see what happen with all mental phenomena and see how it work and finish by itself. But sometime I also need to do something to control if its too much. Its good to learn anyway.

Hope everyone enjoy life durng the long weekend in Thailand.
May peace be with you

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