Saturday, March 21, 2009



These days i dont talk about Buddhism very much. There are so many things to say and think about. My blog becomes more diverse. However, I always think about Buddhism and realize its benefit esp. from mindfulness and meditation.

I have found that I am a real thinker. Actually everyone is, but they dont realize that. And my thoughts can both benefit and disturb me esp. my mentality. Nothing is real...I memory, my perception, my thoughts about the world, my feel and my emotion. They are related to each other and get some particular consequence due to all those interrelations. Whenever we can realize that, the attachment to the worldly stuffs and will lessened, I guess.

Personally I am always disturbed by my thoughts, feeling and emotion. It happens all the time esp with something that I already believe (thought-memory) or with something that I already memorize, then it is affected and lead to the bad feeling (memory-perception-feeling). I try to be very mindful with all of these by just seeing them until ithey are gone. But sometime I just go crazy with them and cannot do anything. This affects me quite a lot as I cant concentrate on my study very well when it happens.

I just hope that I can dela with it better than this...


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