Saturday, March 29, 2008

My schedule

This is to update my schedule.
I will be very busy in the next few weeks - til 20th April (I think). It seems I dont have much time to write the blog quite often. There is always stg I think about or stg interesting about mindfulness - but no time to write. Sorry about this.

I will have the IELTS test for my Ph.D.application on 5th April. It's terrible that I dont have much time to do my study - I was sick for 2-3 days and I also have stg to do all the time. The test will depend mostly on my current English skills and the tests I am now practicing. OH! Thanks a lot for Barrie Brown, my Australian teacher who taught me English 6 years ago. He has lent me the IELTS stuffs. This saves me a lot of money. I really appreciates his help. I intend to pay him a dinner after I know the result - no matter what I get.

I will have a meditation retreat on 11-19 April at Petchaboon. It's a part of my Buddhist studies at MCU ( I have to have 30 days retreat. but I cant do it in one year. So I have divided it into 3 years (10 days per year). And this is the last 10 days I have to have. However, this year I can go for only 9 days as I have a lot of work to finish at my office. i hope that this retreat would be good as (I think) I understand what/how should I do to develop my mindfulness. Hope it's the right understanding.

After the retreat, I intend to start my thesis for MCU and translate another Buddhist book for Ven.Anan Akinjano. I hope i can finish both works soon. In addition, I might go to visit Ven.Noah at his new meditation center, Chiangmai on May. (Hope he allows me to stay there as i will be there only a few days).

Anyway, this is just a rough plan. I can follow this if I pass the IELTS test - my first priority now.

Hope you have a peaceful mind for most of the time

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yuttadhammo said...

You are welcome in May. I will be in bkk on April 14th until the 17th.