Thursday, March 13, 2008

My trip

I haven't written a blog for a while as I went to Vietnam on 26 Feb - 2 Mar. I went to Hoion, Danang, Hue and Hanoi. I intend to write about my lost mindfulness. But I am too busy to do so. briefly, Vietnam was good, though not very impressive at some stage. I have found that I did not have mindfulness most of the time due to my exciting, tired and sick feeling. I dont blame anything apart from myself that my mindfulness is not strong enough. It indicates that I should meditate more. When i came back home, I have meditated more and it's a bit better (in my opinion). Anyway, I still need to do a lot of work for this.

Another good news is i have finished my translating work. It's a book about mindfulness and meditation practice. I have spent 3-4 months on this work as I am busy and lazy sometime. I really feel good about this cos it will be useful for foreigner who is interested in Buddhism. I told my sister and my friends that i dont have much money to offer to Buddhism, just time and energy. And I can do it.....ANumodana with me ka.

I will go to Trang (located in the south of Thailand) this evening and come back on Sunday morning. i dont think I can maintain my mindfulness there. But i plan to meditate when my roomate is sleeping. I will listen to the Dhamma talk on my MP3 player when I am on the way to the place. It takes several hours to be there. I think I will get something from the talk during the trip.

Hope everyone is good.

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