Friday, April 04, 2008

The disappointment

Today I was disappointed by a news from Australia. I can see the rising of it - then it comes out in the form of tera. :' ( My mindfulness is too weak to stop it. Nevertheless, I am ok right now. It's just a part of the world. We are unhappy when we cant get what we want.

yam-picchaü na labhati tam-pi dukkhaü
not to obtain that which one longs for is suffering

To Venerable Yuttadhammo : Thanks for your reply. I am not in Bangkok when you arrive here. I hope to go to Chiangmai in May (probably 17-19 May - I cant leave my work for too long). But as we know that my life schedule is still under the rule of impermanence, this might be changed as well. Anyway I might give you a call before i go to the retreat on 11 April.

This is funny to send a private message via a public blog.

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