Thursday, June 05, 2008

Happy Birthday to B

Tomorrow (6th June) is my second sister's birthday, the one who is the judge. I already gave her a little Buddhist amulet (a copied of the Emerald Buddha) since last month. I really wish her all the best.

I am quite happy today as i have finished the proposal for my future supervisor (Prof. Peter Saunders). I really feel bad about this as I am so late. I am supposed to finish it since last month. But when we are crazy, there is no motivation and concentration to read or work. I dont blame anyone about this, just myself who still cannot let go and have equannimity among both good and bad situations. This is what i really have to improve myself. My life depends mostly (even too much) on the mental happiness. When I am happy, the world is so beautiful and i can work a lot. But when I am sad, nothing is finished. I have noticed it clearly, but I am not strong enough to keep working. And the result is i have too much workload at the end as I cant manage my time. I am still thinking how can I solve this problem?

Anyway, other things are still waiting to be done. I hope that I can finish them as I plan.

Bye for now

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