Friday, June 27, 2008

Wait and see


I am so tired today. I have been tired for the whole week. I think I must get older. My life rountine is all the same, but a bit more stressful as there are so many things to worry and think about.

Mindfulness and Buddhism help me a lot due to the feeling of 'letting go'. I think we should try our best in everything. But we have to 'wait and see' as well. Sometime our best we can do is only just 'wait and see' and 'let go' after the best has been done.

Mindfulness helps me to 'wait and see' peacefully and accept the result of everything as the way it is with (hopefully) a happy mind. I am trying to be more brave to be with all happiness and unhappiness arising. It is not easy because normally we try to avoid being with (mental) suffering by doing a lot of things especially changing our attention (mental object) to other things such as listen to music, watch T.V., meditate to calm the mind. This is what we always do when we feel bad. But if we are brave enough to be with sufferings, we will be able to see the nature and real characteristics of the mind, sufferings and all mental states which are suffering, non-self and impermanent. If we always disturb the mental states, we can never see all these things.

Have you have a nice weekend

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