Friday, October 24, 2008


Hello...long time no written. My only excuse is I have been busy. But today I got nothing to do in the evening. I have to wait for my sister. It's a good chance to update my information.

Very soon (hopefully), I will go to study Ph.d. in Development Studies at Institute of Social Studies, The Netherlands. I am now just waiting for the approval of the Visa from the Immigration Office of the Netherlands. It has taken a long time and I still got no idea when it will come. I just hope that I will get it soon.

I have found that study is my favorite job. I always do a lot of things at the same, work, do some Buddhist work for the temple, teach etc. Some work is good in term of money ( ie teaching). Some gives me the opportunity to do stg for others (translate Buddhist work). But study open my world and my mind. I feel like my brain is excercising when I am readinga and thinking.

In Buddhism, study gives you the second level of wisdom (Jintamaya Panya) which is the wisdom from thinking and analysing, but not by heart. This kind of wisdom is very useful for the worldly activities. But I am not sure if it's the best for the religious world. Thought is very impermanant. You can notice that your thoughts might change when you are older or when you have new info or when the situation changes. Conflict and arguments arise when people dont realize this point and regard their thoughts as their own 'self' and always feel that it's right.

Anyway, I will never change my mind not to go to study. Thoughts are good as I like thinking. But we have to be mindful of the thoughts if it's getting too much to be restlessness.

I will update my news through this blog (as often as I can). I really hope that you can always be more mindful in everday life.

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