Friday, January 30, 2009

My life at ISS


I intend to write something about my study at ISS. But I am very busy and tired. I dont think I can do it at the moment. I will write about it soon. Its very interesting institution.

Everything is very ok in my, study, sleep, eat, etc....whatever a human needs, I do it. Life can be both simple and happy at the same time. I dont have much money. I dont do very much shopping (as I am busy and poor). I eat very normal food (rice, vegie and instant noodle). I spend most of my time on studying in my room and at the university (whenever there is a class). I have a few friends here. I also meet Robert only on a weekend. But I am still pretty happy (or I am still very pretty and feel happy about that). Happiness is everywhere around me.

I feel very peaceful here, though I am worried about my study sometime. I think the peace is from the mindfulness - that I dont stay with my thoughts (that are always pessimistic and disturb myself) too much. Also I have a very quiet life - very low contact with other people. AT first I was a bit lonely, but now I love it a lot. Since I have gone to the class, i know and meet more people, but the amount of conversation and social life is still very low, compared with the number of people I have met. My opinion is - the lower contact with people I have, the more peaceful I feel. I dont think this is good for everyone. But I really like my life now.

I wish everyone will be peaceful and mindful like me. Life is good, easy and happy.

Best wishes

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