Friday, January 02, 2009

New Year at Scheveningen, the Hague

Happy New Year to everyone....

This new Year I am not at home, but the Hague, the Netherlands. I didn't have any celebration. Most of the time during this long weekend (continue from Christmas), I was at home (my home and Robert' home) with Robert. We did 2 days meditation retreat (I will talk about this later) and studied.

During the quiet long weekend, I think Dutch people must get bored with their lives and then decide to do something to enjoy themselves. In the cold morning of the 1st January, a lot of people (more than thousand) went to the beach (called Scheveningen). At 12.00 they ran to the sea (in the water) at the temperature around -3 C.

I dont really understand why they do like that. It was so cold even I already wear 4 layers. Anyway, it was so funny to see people dancing, jumping (to get the body warm) and running back and forth (between the beach and the sea). You can see from the video.

I hope everyone have a good time in the new year.

Best Wishes

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