Thursday, March 05, 2009

The compassionate teacher


Sorry (for who - I dont know) that I havent written for a month. I have been very busy for most of the time since the class started. Studying Ph.D. is not easy if you have 16 hrs classes a week. This doesnt include time I need to read for all papers for every class (I dont spend much time on that anyway) and for my thesis.

What makes a student life easy depends on a lot of things - study environment, friends, a partner, supervisor(s) and last but not least - your attitude toward study and your effort you put in it.

I dont want to put every point here as I got no time. What I wanna mention now is my supervisors- Professor.Bert Helmsing and Associate Processor Peter Knorringa, who are very knowlegeable in my topic and very kind to me.

You might say that its their responsibility to support me and tell me what to do. I agree with that. But what I receive from them esp Peter Knorringa is a real help, which I call 'compassion' that a teacher has for his students. In January, he lent me 14 papaers without hesitation that I might not return (I will be here for 4 years anyway). Today he allowed me to look for materials, that might be useful for my paper in his office. I got 10 papers today and I can return them next week. I really appreciate him and I promise him that I will help him organize his folders in the future - when I have more time hopefully. Without his help, I would have spend a lot more time on searching randomly, which might end up with nothing or with some useless papers (as always happen!). If you never do the research, you will never know how much time needed to be spent for searching for information (NOT INCLUDED READING). I think the time I have spent on this is more that the time I have talked with my family and my friends.

I am very happy that I always meet good lecturers and especially supervisors since I studied Master Degree (both at Thammasart University amd Flinders University). This encourages and inspires me to be a good lecturer in the future. They are the role model of my future career.

Thanks for Peter
Best wishes for everyone

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