Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year


Today is the 24th December and tomorrow will be the Christmas Day. If I was still in Thailand, this will be a very common day for me - go to work and no celebration. But it's a big day in the Netherlands. People go to visit their family and celebate. It's a chance for them to be together. I guest that it's like 'Song Kran Day' of Thailand or 'the Chinese New Year' for Chinese.

I am now in Zwolle at a home of Robert. I spend most of my time on reading. I went out to the train station to change the money, but I still cant go to the other places. The reason is that I cant remember a road here. I would bring a map with me next time.

SOmetime life is good. Sometime it's boring. SOmetime it is suffering and full of thoughts leading a lot of unhappiness. It's life anyway. I am always wondering how would life be if I am a nun in the forest. Or if I am still at home. Or if I go to study at the other country. I guess that my life will be different (more or less) but it must always be full of the worldly emotion and feeling.

Next year my life will be in pattern til the end of the year - love,eat, sleep, study, travel around. I hope that it will be full of peace and happiness. I really love them.

May peace always be with all of you too....

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