Saturday, March 14, 2009

Congratulations for Dr.Malika


Yesterday I got a chance to attend the public defend and graduation ceremony of a Ph.D.student at the uni. It was interesting to join (though I was late and didnt have a chance to listen to the public defend).

This student somehow inspires me to study harder as my friend told me that she has studied very hard (never go travelling to anywhere) and can finish her thesis within 4 years, which doesnt happen very often here. It is also interesting for me - how she can manage her life as she also got a family (2 children) that she has to look after and worried about (I dont know if they are here all the time or not-but both choices are not easy at all).

From my experience, its not easy to deal with all those things together - study, family and friends esp. when you have a problem with one of these and esp if you are very sensitive and emotional. A little thing can be a big thing and can disturb a mind and concentration a lot. When I have this kind of problem, I dont know how to deal with it....just cry and wait until its gone by itself. Sometime I think that its a good chance for the mindfulness practice, but I am not quite sure if this is the right time esp if I have to study very hard like this.

It would be good if I can switch on/switch off the perception of my mind so that I can choose what to think/not to think or what to feel/not to feel or what to know/not to know. Life would become more happy, though too much like machine.

Hope you have a nice weekend

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