Saturday, March 20, 2010

16 months in the Netherlands


I haven't written my blog for a long time as I have been very busy especially the last 6-7 months. I am still in the Netherlands - almost finish the first step of my PhD journey. On this 30th March, I will have a research design seminar where committees will decide whether my proposal is good enough for the fieldwork at home.

16 months in this cold country has learned me many things - academic skill, different culture, different way of thinking etc. I like most things I have experienced here, except the weather which is too cold for me. People here are very criticizing (esp. my supervisors and my boyfriend) so that I have to learn to be more criticizing as well. The other thing I like about this country is there is less hierarchy, but more distance between people. People do not look at you from only 'external; thing such as beauty, wealth or even education. But they are more concerned about your 'content' and 'quality' - your thoughts and personality. I love this cos I can safe time spent on making myself 'look' good, but more time on improving my thoughts and personality.

I have a lot to talk, but I dont have much time for this. I might come back the future.

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