Friday, March 26, 2010

Coming attraction - Research Design Seminar


During these days, I am preparing for my research design seminar on 30th March. The feeling for this coming this is quite strange, but understandable, I think.

I am happy that it happens, then I will know the result whether I pass or fail. Then I will know what I need to do next. If I pass, I will go back home for the fieldwork. This is very good for me because it means that the other step of my PhD life is coming. I will also see my family whom I haven't met for more than a year. But at the same time, I start to feel sad that I have to stay away from Robert. We have been together quite a lot during the past 6 months - almost 24 hours a day. The sweetness of love is not there, but the strength of love is getting higher. I feel uncomfortable every time I think about this. Anyway, life must go on and I hope that everything between us goes well. But if I pass with conditions, which means I need to stay longer, the feeling will be opposite from above.

I am also worried about the coming seminar. I thought that it should be ok. But life is very uncertain. I am getting more worried cos my friend thinks that I should present it in a different way. I will see what she gonna suggest and make it different.......

Best wishes for myself

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