Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Thai temple in the Netherlands


Today I got a chance to make offering to a monk at a Thai temple here. Netherlands has 2 Thai temples: Wat Buddharama at Waalwijk and Wat Buddhavihara at Amsterdams. I go to the one located in Waalwijk with a reason that it's more quite and bigger. Its the second time I goes there, but the third time to go to Thai temples here. I should have been to the temple more often, but I am too busy and also I am a bit less interested in making an offering. I am more concerned for mindfulness, observing precepts and meditation which I can do at home.

Overall there are not many differences between Thai temples in Thailand and here. Temples here just have (a lot) less monks, more lay people, look more like a house than a temple. For me, the obvious difference is I offer food that I cook to monks for temples here. I have never done this in Thailand. The main reason is food here is a lot more expensive....And I feel like I can do something by myself.

I am very happy to go to the temple today. The reason is that my family goes to the cemetery of my father for the Chinese tradition to memorize the death person. I am not there, but at least I can do something good and radiate merit to him (and other beings). The other nice thing is I got a chance to make offering with Robert (again). Its very important for me to do this with the person I love. I always believe that we have been together and did something good together before so that we meet each other again in this life.

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