Thursday, December 11, 2008

Loneliness (2)

I really like this picture. Sometime I feel the same esp. during these days. Most of the time I sit in my room - reading books, checking email and news from Thailand, chatting. I go out sometime but not very often as I dont know very much the places here. I know only a few people - and they are not close enough that I can talk or go out with them. Actually I dont have any friend. Students here just study in their rooms and office. There are some academic activities at the uni - but again, they just come to discuss about something and then go back. The social life is very low. I really feel lonely now....

My close friend told me that it's not easy to be aboard and study. I have to be strong to deal with it. I now realize how it's like esp if you also got some other problem that is not easy to deal with and that distracts you from your study.

I try to remind myself to study hard and try to concentrate on that. But it's not easy as I want it to be. My emotion and mental state are not ready for that......

I miss my family, my sister and my friends at home.

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Omar said...

Hey, I looked up Buddhism and loneliness cause I am lonely. I know the feeling well, but I'm trying to reach out to people more and connect with people. Good to know someone is experiencing what I am experiencing. Thank you for your post.