Friday, December 05, 2008

Long Live the King

Today (5th December) is the birthday of King Bhumipoladulyadej, the Thai king. He is 81 in this year. It is a public holiday in Thailand. But here, the Hague, is just a normal day. But the Thai Embassy in the Netherlands (also located in the Hague) arranged the activity for Thai people who live in the Netherland to bless for the king. We lighted the candle and sang 2 national anthem songs devoted particularly for the king and the queen.

The king has done a lot for the country. There would be a lot more trouble if the king wasnt there. A lot of poor people esp in the local area have been helped and developed by the Royal's project. I think you can find this information everywhere in Thailand.

The other good thing of being there today is it's a great chance to meet other Thai people/students living/studying here. I am not very close to anyone (as usual). But I met some friends that I havent met for a year. I feel like it's very enjoyable to meet and talk to other people esp when I am aboard, though I dont know them very much. It's also a big fun to see the way they talk and play with each other - very Thai...hahaha I dont know how to explain but we can tell that by ourselves.

I wish the king is getting better from his sick. When I do the chanting tonight, I will make a wish for him.

Long Live The King

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