Sunday, February 03, 2008

Happy Birthday to me

Today is my birthday. I am 31 years old in this year. I try to feel good about my increasing age, but actually it's not really like that. I have found more wrinkles on my face, more grey hair on my head and and less energy when I am tired.

It is a quiet birthday actually. There are only a few people sending a message and giving me a call to say happy birthday. But it's ok as all those people are my lovely/lovable/loved people. Thanks a lot for that. AT least I know that on my lonely birethday, I have all of you.

Today I went to see the monk at Prajoubkirikhand. His name is Ven.Pra Montree Apassaro. He is a senior disciple of Ven.Loung Poo Dool Atulo, the disciple of Ven. Mun Bhurdatta. The particular technique of Loung Poo Dool is to simply see the mind that is working, thinking, feeling and considering. Then we will understand the three characteristics of the mind that it is impermanent (the feeling changes all the time), it is suffering (it is not stable) and it is non-self (no one can control it). I wouldn't talk in detail about this teachnique today as I want to talk about my birthday.

Ven.Montree is very great. I can feel his Metta from his eyes and from the ways he answered questions. He has sat for a long time to talk with people coming to visit him. I asked a few questions I was confused such as emptiness in meditation, the right mental object I should use.
He also blessed me to practice well and get enlightened in this life - Sadhu! ka. I will try hard for that.

Other good thing about my birthday is I got a chance to ask my colleaques to make a merit. Normally we will buy a gift to each other. This year they asked me what I want. I told them that personally nothing is needed. I have enough for myself. SO I told them that I want some money to donate to the temple in Chiangmai - They need sleeping sheets, meditation sheets, pillows and key lockers. And I got some money from them, including my sister and her friend. I already bought some stuffs yesterday. I really feel good about this. I told my sister that all the stuffs are my birthday gifts - but they are for the temple. This is like double bonus. I got a chance to make a merit and this chance is given to other people. The temple also got necessary stuffs.

Overall, I am quite happy on my birthday. There is only something that made me feel bad. But I won't mention here.

Happy Birthday to me.......


Nyiti (Gabor) said...

Happy Birthday, Kai! :)

Kai said...

Thanks Nyiti
I dont know who you are.
But it's nice to hear someone saying 'HBD' to me.