Friday, February 08, 2008

My birthday gift

Yesterday - I, my sister and her lecturer went to offer my birthday gifts (sleeping mattresses, meditation cusion, pillows and keylocks) to the Canadian monk (Ven.Noah Yuttadhammo) who has ordained in Thailand for 6 years The stuffs will be used at the meditation place in Chiangmai. (I already told the website in my last blog.)
Piti and wholesome deeds are vedana or mental happiness that we need to be mindful of- if it arises. But to feel it sometime is good and it encourages me to do good deeds. It reminds me that happiness can arise from within, not at the theater, pub, shopping center (I like to go there sometime).
Thanks a lot for Venrable Noah that has given me a chance to make this merit.
Updates : Thanks again Venerable for your Dhamma teachings. It's quite useful for me. Hope you have a peaceful time in the US ka....


Yuttadhammo said...

"O you who see the fearsomeness in the rounds of rebirth, be you not afraid of goodness, for 'goodness' is just another word for 'happiness'."

-- The Buddha

Kai said...

Thanks ka Venerable..
I absolutely agree with you, though still attach with some 'happiness'.
Just try to 'let go' as I can....