Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My first night walking meditation

Last night I decided to do the walking meditation - after having intended to do it a long time ago. Personally I dont like to do this kind of meditation (it seems most people are the same) - in the past I found that I wasnt very calm by doing it. At the present moment, there is one more reason - my right shoulder tendon has been painful for a year. The more i do walking meditation (which means I have to put my hands in front of/behind my body), the more it hurts. Normally I am not very patient with any kind of pain arising. (I cant do Vedananupasana Satipathana).

However, after going to see Ven.Montree on my birthday, I change my mind. Venerable said that if we do sitting meditation and feel sleepy and drowsy all the time, it is the wrong meditation (Michasamadhi) as there are no mindfulness and wisdom there - I agree with him. Moreover, Ven. [....]ah, the Canadian monk told me that we can contemplate four elements from walking meditation. I have heard this along time ago, but never pay attention to it as I can see only lifting and touching my feet on the floor. But this time I am more interested to see it.

Therefore, last night I did walking meditation for 15 minutes - then my shoulder was getting painful and I became very sleepy. So I stopped. However, I have found that, for me, first, it's better to do walking meditation at the night time as if I sit, I will fall asleep very soon because I am so tired from working. Second, I could see the thought rising and disappearing more often than sitting meditation. When I sit, sometime my mind follows the thought and becomes the thought itself - which is a kind of Moha or delusion. I think I was more mindful and awakened this time. I feel like this is a good signal, though I still cant contemplate the foyr elements as Ven'[...]ah said. Anyway,I will practice more and more to see how it's like.

Btw, I have found that when we look at thing separatedly, it will look different from when we see it as a whole. For example, if we see a whole face, the image will be much different from seeing only the eyes on that face....it's probably more funny...hihihi This shows the truth of Anatta - non-self.

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