Thursday, February 21, 2008

Happy MakaBuja Day

Today is a public holiday- it is MakaBuja Day. It was the day the Buddha gave Dhamma talk to 1,250 Arahants who gathered together without any appointment. (Dont ask me that how can they do that - I dont know).

The conclusion of the talk is 'To do good deeds, refrain from doing bad deeds and purify the mind'.

I stayed at home today to have a rest. I went out to buy stg at a shopping center and then I went to a market to buy some animals to free. Today I got 2 eels, 2 catfish and 2 frogs. It's a bit amazing to free frog. I dont like it (it looks discussing). I am afraid that they gonna jump on me. But they were too tired to do so. One of them got a big wound on its mouth. The other one also got a little wound too. There was some blood on their mouth. I hope they will survive from being caught by people around the canal.

By the way, the good thing I can notice when I walk in the shop is I am more mindful when I am walking. I can see the rising and falling of my thoughts/feelings/emotions a bit more clearly. This means I can apply walking meditation in my daily life- which is good. This also means practicing walking meditation everynight is very effective as I can use it almost everytime I am walking. I am happy about this (then be aware of the happiness arising).

Happy Makapuja Day.
May you all be happy and peaceful on this day and everyday.

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