Thursday, April 10, 2008

My coming retreat

I will go to the retreat during 11-19 April. I will leave Bkk tonight and will arrive there in the early morning. The place is at Petchaboon. It is the meditation place for MCU students.

I am very keen to go to this retreat as I haven't been to the long retreat for 4 months. I meditate almost everyday but it seems it's not enough. My mindfulness is now running out of petro, which is meditation. I intend to do a good retreat by keeping noble silence.

Thanks a lot for the wishes from Ven.Noah and my friends. Also thanks a lot for the support of my family and colleagues. My mom completely trusts me and always wishes me luck. (I will ask money from her tonight : )) My sister will probably gives me a lift to the bus stop and some money for transporation cost (hopefully). My colleagues and my boss also allow me to go though there is still a lot of work left. They never understand what I am doing, but at least they never stop me.

I must miss everyone a lot, but I will try to be mindful of my thoughts and feeling.

Happy Songkran Day and best wishes for everyone who is both in Thailand and aboard.

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