Thursday, May 08, 2008

Burma Cyclone - Need help

Here is the email I got from my Burmese friend about disaster in Burma. If you wanna donate stg, please contact him by the mobile phone number at the bottom of the message. His name is Kumaralangkara. He lives at Wat Mahatat, Bangkok.

I will go to see him on Monday morning. You might contact me if you want me to pick up your stuffs. My mobile phone number is (66) 89-4905275.

Best wishes
Dear all my friends,How are you?I wish you all safety, good health, and peace in life.I believe you all might be feeling sorry these days,reading recent news about Burmese tragedy caused by the devastating storm,that killed estimated 50,000 people andleft some hundred thousands without food and shelter.Needless to say, the Burmese people living abroad are touched even harder by the news about their homeland.Now, the Burmese working in Thailand are collecting donationsfrom their fellow communities in Bangkok, to help the survivors in the storm-affected areas. However, as most of the them can not go to Burma by themselves due to their workloadthey ask the Burmese monks to go on behalf of them and deliver their supports directly into the hands of those refugees.With this regard, I inform you all of my friends thatsome Burmese monks, (hopefully, including me,) are leaving for Burma around coming Monday (May, 12, 2008), carrying those donated.And I also want to inform that you can share any of your contribution, includingclothe (used ones or any), medicine, food (dried noodle like Mama, Yum Yum etc.) and cash as well.which will directly go into the hands of the poor in suffering.We do not expect to cover needs of all victims, with the little supply we can afford, we can hope to save, at least, certain lives that our cloths, food and water could reach, though. Dhamma cures mental defilements of beings.Food and medicine are urgent need for the hungry and the sick.

With Regards,KumaralankaraPh:

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