Monday, May 12, 2008

Happiness to share

According to my blog about cyclone in Burma - and any kind of help is badly needed. I have forwarded the email of my Burmese friend to some of my friends. I also told this news to my colleagues and my family.

Until now I already got more than 6 big packs of used clothes, a pack of instant noodle and medicine from my colleagues. My mom and my sister also collect their clothes for me. The pharmacist I met yesterday also donated a box of saltz powder for diarrhea patients. What impresses me a lot is there is the support from my mail-friend: Mike Saltz. I have never met him or even talked with him. We just send an email to each other to talk about life and meditation sometime. Mike has informed his colleagues (and friends-I am not sure) at his school (probably) about this news and he got some donations for Burmese people. I never expect this before.....But I am very impressed. You can visit his blog at

I am very happy that I can help Burmese people who have been in trouble from the disaster. What I, my family and my friends will give might be only a little percentage compared with overall needs. But it's better than nothing. This is also a chance to let me know - how kind and compassionate my friends, my colleagues and my family are. I think I am so lucky to meet/to be with them.

Update: Overall I have collected 14 packs of used clothes, 5 packs of instant noodle, 3 big bottles (1,000 tablets) of Paracetamol, 2 packs of medicine for diarrhea, 2 big boxes (50 packs in each) of saltz pawder, 3 bottle of Betadine (to heal a wound), 2 packs of button, 1 bottle of alcohol and 400 bath. My friend would rent a truck to Mae-sord (the border between Thai and Burma), then he will go to Yangoon. Then his friend who lives at the disaster place will come to pick the stuffs....I am not really sure about his schedule. But I am confident that all donations will arrive there.

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