Wednesday, May 07, 2008

My photo at the retreat

It's me at the retreat. It is the only one photo I have now (there are a few, but I havent got it). Beside me is my Vietnamese friend - Ven.Phi. He is my classmate. I told him that I like his face as it shows compassion and happiness. I smile everytime I look at him.

I dont look very good in this photo as i didnt make up at all (8 precepts) . I was so dark and my face was a bit bony. But (I think) there were some happiness and calmness instead of beauty. hehehe I like to make myself feel good a bit.

The feeling now is ok....I am dull and sad sometime esp. the time I went to bed. But it is getting bettter. It seems that i am now more mindful of the body movement than before as I do walking meditation everynight instead of sitting meditation. I am too tired and sleepy to sit.

Unhappiness is what the mind perceives and attaches as there is Avicca that the mind and body are belong to us. So we want to make them happy. When we cant be happy as we want, we tend to struggle to look for the happiness. Then unhappiness arises.

Best wishes to you all...

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