Monday, May 19, 2008

Wat Marp Chan

I just came back from Wat Marp Chan. It was great esp the abbot and the place. I have learned stg that will benefit my meditation. I told the abbot that I am now learning to 'watch the mind'. But he can tell that I cant do that well cos my concentration is not strong enough. He also said that I study too much and got too much doubt. I rejected that a bit actually. But I tried to do more 'Samatha meditation' as he has suggested and it helped me a lot to watch my mind clearer. I think I have to meditate a lot more. The destination seems to be far, but i will try my best.
This retreat gave me a great chance to see myself clearly - esp the difference of the mental state between the time I was 'a watcher of my problem' and the time I was 'a problem' of myself. I still feel not good sometime, but not all the time. The mind didnt perceive it everytime. I have learned that 'the more we attach, the more we suffer'. This is the real experience.
You can contact Wat MarpChan by this number. There are some foreigner there. So there is no problem about communication with the abbot. You can ask them- how to go there.
Call 0-3861-7546
Fax 0-3899-6293 ( 09.00-1130. am. ,15.30-18.30 pm)

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