Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Dhamma talk of V.Jayasaro (2) : A destination of life

As I said before that this time I have listened to Dhamma talk of V.Jayasaro. I like it a lot and become attached at some stage. There are a lot of points in his talk that encourage me. But the important one is about the destination of life. I have met a lot of people who have no idea about their future. I don't like that very much cos I always think that we should have a goal for our lives. Otherwise, life will flow without destination. I really feel pity for that esp. for some potential people. That's why i wanna share this idea with you.

V.Jayasaro states that life that follows kilesa and Tanha or life that follows the Samsara (in my opinion) is a useless life. It is so hard to be born as a human. When you get this chance, you should utilize (economics term) or use it as useful as we can. Usefulness here means to benefit yourself and other beings. To benefit yourself is to develop yourself to have more wisdom which means to understand things as they really are. Then our kilesa and Tanha can be reduced by that wisdom. The ultimate goal is to get enlightened. But at this level - the goal should be to be the developed person as we can. It 's easy to speak out, but hard to practice in my opinion. But my experience is if you practice more meditation, you will have more Sati (mindfulness), then you can see at least the impermanence of yourself i.e. your emotion and your body. If you practice a lot more, your wisdom to understand all these things will really increase. Consequently, you will be more peaceful and happy as you will never attach (again) with Tanha and Kilesa too much. Wrongdoing will be hard to commit. Further, when you see things as they really are, you can see your fault as well. This is quite a weak point of most people. They never accept that they are bad, selfish, unkind or aggressive. But if your mindfulness is strong enough, you will see your fault and then you can try to improve yourself. The other result is you will love and understand other people more as when you understand yourself - your feeling and your emotion, you willl understand others' that they are the sameb as us.

Apart from benefiting yourself is the usefulness for other beings. How to do it? There are many ways to benefit other people - to give (if you have more than enough), to teach and advice (if you have some knowledge), to inspire and encourage (if you behave well enough to be a good example and have some kind of charisma or energy to lead people). To benefit yourself and others are realated with each other unavoidingly. When you are good - behave well, people will be inspired to follow your way or your teaching. The society will be better so far. When other people are better, they inspire you to be a better person too.

Your goal might be in the Lokuttara level such as success, happy family or wealthy. But I am afraid of setting the goal like that because if you bind your goal with people or anything apart from yourself. You might be suffered as all these things are subject to change all the time according to their factors. Everything will never be like what we want (even ourselves). That's why i talk mostly about developing yourself and helping other beings as it is easier to control ourselves than other things.

Some readers here might be monks. Some are laypersons. Some still have no idea about their future. Some have quite clear destination. Some are seeking for it. I really wish everyone to have your own destination for life. It's not easy, but not hard for you guys. Life will be more meaningful if we know where are we going or what are we doing. Do you agree with me?

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วรชัย said...

"..ใดใด เป็นเพียง สมมุติ
ที่สุด ย่อมมี เสื่อมหาย
เกิดขึ้น ตั้งอยู่ ดับไป
เป็นไป เช่นนี้ เรื่อยมา

ขอเพียง ครองใจ พิสุทธิ์
วิมุตติ มีไว้ อย่าหาย
กระทำ สิ่งใด แยบคาย
ใดใด ดำเนิน ตามจริง..."

ยินดีด้วยจ้า... มีโอกาสรบกวนชี้แนะด้วยนะ (^_^)