Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Something about Harry porter

Yesterday (Mon 23th July) I went to see 'Harry Porter' after my thesis proposal defense exam.I have been busy and tired for a month actually. And I feel like I need to have a rest. Then I decided to go to see Harry Porter cos it's quite popular. I think there must be some fun or stg interesting. After watching the movie, I was a bit dissappointed. I have found that I am too old to watch this kind of movie. Or this kind of movie is not my favor. I don't know why do I feel in this way. However, what I wanna talk is not about my old age or critisicms about the movie. There are some interesting points (which are unbelievable to get from the movie). You might be able to guess what I would talk about. It's absolutely about Buddhism.

The first point is what a god father of Harry Porter told him. I forgot the situation in the movie. But Harry's God father said that 'there is no completely dark side and bright side in the world nor in a human's mind. Everyone has both sides in themselves. But a good person is the one who can use or spend the bright side of himself'. This is not the exact quatation, but the concept is the same. I really agree with this idea as it's true - according to my experience and to my Buddhist knowledge. Everything in the world has both good and bad things in itself. It will be useless to try to define one thing as 'completely good' or 'absolutely bad' as it is the way to increase your 'self' or 'Atta'. Sometime we might find that a bad or silly thing would lead to the better thing. We might learn to improve ourselves from a mistake we have done. The bad situation will make people looking for the way to cease suffering - then they might change their life's attitde. They might not be attached with things very much. On the other hand, I have met some persons who try to identify themselves as 'completely great'. I have found that actually they are not really good as they try to tell other people. What they want is just to create 'an image' they want other people to see themselves. Their behavior are still not very good. Their mind is still full of craving. The other silly thing is when other people do not 'fall' into criterion they make, they just regard those as 'bad' people. Therefore, 'good' and 'bad' can't separated clearly as some people try to define. Please not try to do it and see things as the way they are. What we can do is to improve ourselves to be the btter person and try to create factors that lead to the better life. Also we should try to reduce what we regard as 'sin' or 'craving' or 'bad'.

The other point in Harry Porter is to control mind. In the movie, Harry had to be trained to fight with the dark lord. You know? His teacher trained him by reminding him about his past life which always suffered his mind. At first Harry couldn't stand for all these things. But his teacher said that the memory about your past life will be your weak points that the devil will attack - by truning his mind into the dark side. I think that this point is quite consistent with Buddhist teachings. Everyone has their past memories - both good and bad. We always enjoy the good memory and hate to think about the bad memory. Some people like to think about the bad memory and let it hurt themselves. The good thing about memory or Sanna is we can learn something from the past - and will do and not to do it again. But sometime Sanna comes up in our mind especially when we meditate. And that always disturbs our peace. Harry Porter teaches me that if we can overcome this bad or even good memory - I mean to ignore it or not to attach that it is the same thing as ourselves - it is just 'Anatta', we will discover that our mind will be much more calm down. The past is only the past. We can never do anything with it. If we always hold/attach with it all the time, that past experience will always be a big barrier to our calmness.

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